Friday, February 8, 2008

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What is AutoEditNC?

AutoEditNC is a 32-bit Windows program to assist in the creation and testing of Numerical Control (NC) programs in the Fanuc/G&M-Code format. AutoEditNC is a specialized text editor with NC code creation tools. AutoEditNC will also simulate the movements of the machine tool so that the student can test his or her program for accuracy and reliability.

AutoEditNC serves as a learning tool for beginning programmers. It contains code creation windows that give a brief explanation of the code and allows the user to insert the code directly into his or her program. If you are currently using a text editor for writing NC code, you will find that AutoEditNC can increase your productivity. Intended Audience

AutoEditNC was developed primarily to serve technical college and high school manufacturing technology programs. Students and instructors will find that G&M-Code programming is much easier to learn when AutoEditNC is used to write NC code. Students often find that writing code by hand is tedious and prone to syntax errors. AutoEditNC gives the user tools that make it easy to get started and easy to remember the arcane codes used in G&M-Code programs.

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G-Simple is a simple CAM for 3 Axis Machining Centers.

Version 1.15 includes:

  • DXF Export
  • Configurable postprocessor
  • Move, turn, mirror,scale
  • Milling parameters selectable individually for every entity
  • Text compressing/expanding
  • Text justification

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