Friday, January 25, 2008

ANSYS Workbench Free Tutorial-Free Download-Work Examples

I found good response to my previous article about ANSYS free Tutorial for ANSYS classical version users. ANSYS also provides Workbench environment.

The Workbench UI has been developed to provide an environment in which all of your simulation tasks are carried out. Considering that ANSYS now has a huge range of technologies including FEA, CFD, Explicit (more on that later), and Design Optimization tools, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a little cluttered. I’m glad to say that this is far from the case. Workbench is organized using the Tabs based UI that will be familiar to any user. You start with the Project Page tab and this provides you with access to all of the tools you need to read geometry in, set-up the boundary conditions (loads, restraints, materials), create results visualization assets (images and animations) and report on results.


This is how Workbench UI looks like,everything is tab based. Separate tab for sketch and modeling.

Once you done with modeling, ready to do analysis you can open the simulation tab then you can decide about what sort of analysis you are going to perform either structural, non-linear etc.,

ANSYS Workbench is supplied with a wide range of standard materials, as you would get with any FEA-based system. But as is also always the case, the odds of these fitting your requirements are minimal, so every user is going to end up defining their own. As this is a pretty core part of maintaining accuracy within your simulations I thought it would be reasonable to spend a few minutes going over the process.

As Workbench has inherent links with your CAD system, you have the potential to take advantage of that bi-directionality to carry out variance analysis and find out exactly where the sweet spots are within your part or assembly and optimized the hell out of them.

Workbench allows the user to take the advantages of 3D modeling technology to its next logical conclusion - that of using that rich definition of a product under development and use it as the base for simulation and perhaps just as importantly, optimization.

Hope your very much excited about workbench after going through my article, I know your very much keen to learn the software. I have few tutorials which speaks about Workbench environment and tools. Also few basic analysis which will help you to get use to the workbench environment. The tutorial is given in a PDF file format for each category like

Exercise 1:  Workbench Basics
Exercise 2:  Dimensions and Parameters
Exercise 3:  Named Selections and Localized Loads
Exercise 4:  Remote and Combined Loads
Exercise 5:  Assemblies and Contact
Exercises 6A-6C:  Exploring Simulation etc.,

To download the tutorial click here.. For practice 3D models also given in ZIP file format.

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