Sunday, January 27, 2008

Solidedge - Free Download:Free Productivity Tools:Tips&Tricks


Things looks good, yes atlast I could able to find some resources for Soidedge Users. Now I am going to share information on Solidedge tools free download. The site is, Powered by Hörchner & Hammersma. These people provide service like Sales,Engineering,Programming,Drawing service,productivity tools and Free tools for Solidedge . The site is entirely dedicated to Solidedge users. 

Unlike the other sites, these people doesn't talk about tutorial rather they try to enhance your productivity in Solidedge. Some of the features available for free download are:


Replaces the names of parts in the assembly EdgeBar to any property, including mass. Multiple properties, custom properties etc.


Select a material and set the material property, the density and optional the view style. Including a xls with materials.

Select the parts your want to insert into your assembly and click OK. Inserts the selected parts into the active assembly.

Replaces all 'Ground' relationships in the active assembly to reference plane relationships.

This macro toggles all bends in the Sheetmetal parts in you assembly.

Apart from Tips of the month is available posted every month. Other effective downloads are Demo BatchPrint,Demo Classes and Tolerances,Solidedge Viewer. If you are dam lover of solidedge you can even get solidedge screen saver.

I like the most here is the website interface is designed in such a way that it looks like menu manager. So lovely to navigate to each of the page here. You can feel the thrill only when you visit. Click here....