Friday, February 1, 2008

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I am really excited about the way things are moving here. I would able to cover Tutorials for leading CAD/CAE software's. These are the software tools one can learn it quickly if proper training is given but you need to be sure that you are strong at the engineering fundamentals. I have seen people who always talk about which is the leading Design software used by the Industry, If they learn that software they can get job and earn money. Sorry Friend It doesn't work that way, along with the software knowledge you need to have practical industry experience and shear domain knowledge.

If you are Design Engineer, you would have completed either Diploma, Undergraduate, or Postgraduate, That's okay... Having degree in your hand and knowing these software means you can design a product as per industry requirement. Many of us try to concentrate on these software tools and how to utilize it effectively but we keep forgetting to update our domain knowledge. This really pushed me to do something for Mechanical Engineering Community to bring some useful resources, where they can improve their domain knowledge, learn about new trends in industry etc.,

Engineers EDGE does all these jobs for you in a single click here. These people are committed to being your Total Solutions design, engineering and manufacturing resource. So your job is done at a one place, If you have any issues regarding Design just put your cursor onto Applications and Design,Engineering Analysis, Engineering Calculators etc., If you have doubt at the engineering level refresh yourself by going through these pages like Engineering Basics,Engineering Materials etc., Finally If you like to know more about manufacturing methods and other stuffs kindly navigate to Manufacturing Process,Bearing Application,Engineering Store,Products and Services etc.,

Are you very much delighted by looking all these stuff at one place so am I. Its not end You can also find Free Engineering software's to download, Engineering Links, Engineering Forum, CAD Forum etc.,

Some of the highlighting points are Strength of Materials,Gear Design Engineering Books,Metal Products, Mathematics & formula etc., All are free download.

I can't keep writing all, better you go and visit here.. Thanks to Engineering EDGE on behalf on Mechanical Engineering Community.


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