Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hydraulic & Motion Control Design and Simulation Software - Free Trail Version

I am going to tell you about Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Motion Control Design and Simulation Software called HyPneu. It will help you a lot when you design any hydraulic system , you can view the simulation as it would be in real time application. HyPneu processes the information in the graphical circuit and allows the user to assign specific element to the system, to run both steady state and dynamic simulations of the component and/or system, and display the results in a meaningful manner. Several powerful add-on packages are also available, such as, Frequency Analyzer, Thermal Simulator, CAE Co-simulator, Client/Server Module, etc...  The bottom line: HyPneu provides the fluid power and motion control professional with the tools to design and analyze faster, better, and more productively

HyPneu fluid power design software empowers you to:

  • Effortlessly create schematics using HyPneu’s Schematic Editor
    • Over 450 component icons in ISO format

    • Schematic output in any of 5 different drawing sizes (A, B, C, D, E, or A0, A1, A2, A3, A4)

    • Bill of Materials generation

    • Point and click access to component data directly from Schematic Editor

    • Automatic generation of circuit topography

    • Numerous drawing and editing tools

  • Take advantage of HyPneu’s Unequaled Simulation Capabilities
    • Dynamic Simulation

    • Steady State Simulation

    • Various numerical method options

    • Thermal duty-cycle allows you to change the temperature cycle to investigate system response

    • Animation capability including color-coded pressure level lines

    • Versatile plotting program

    • Multi-platform output data exchange

  • Set up your own component database
    • HyPneu provides over 450 component models which allows users to create unlimited  database components. These  include hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and controller models

    • Component Manager for building component databases using supplied models

    • Built in scripting language (HPSLIC) for creating custom models without the need for an external compiler, or create models using C language directly

    Access unparalleled technical support
  • Two days of free hands-on training at BarDyne facilities or at customer site at additional expense

  • One year of free technical support and upgrades

HyPneu is powerful software for the engineer, designer, or professional who wants to enhance productivity while enhancing his designs. We recommend a free trial application to interested parties. Download Now..

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