Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hypermesh Tutorials - Free Download:Basic And Advanced Tutorial PDF Files

What is Hypermesh? This would be first question if you are not much aware of FEA segment. This is What Altair company claims about Hypermesh.

Altair Hyper Mesh is a high-performance finite element pre- and post-processor for major finite element solvers, allowing engineers to analyze design conditions in a highly interactive and visual environment. Hyper Mesh’s user-interface is easy to learn and supports the direct use of CAD geometry and existing finite element models, providing robust interoperability and efficiency. Advanced automation tools within Hyper Mesh allow users to optimize meshes from a set of quality criteria, change existing meshes through morphing and generate mid-surfaces from models of varying thickness.

  • Reduce time and engineering analysis cost through high-performance finite element modeling and post-processing.
  • Reduce learning time and improve productivity with an intuitive user-interface and best-in-class functionality.
  • Reduce redundancy and model development costs through the direct use of CAD geometry and existing finite element models.
  • Simplify the modeling process for complex geometry through high-speed, high-quality auto meshing.
  • Broadest support of commercial solvers by providing direct interfaces to a wide array of analysis codes ensuring the best code can be used for specific situations.
  • Cost-effective pricing to deliver maximum functionality for your software investment

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Hypermesh Tutorials are easy to find but I manage to get few Tutorials and I have uploaded those Hypermesh Tutorial in my site.You will basic ,Advanced Hypermesh Tutorial of varying versions. Download Now..