Friday, February 29, 2008

Multibody Simulation Software - Free Download with Manuals

Program package "Universal Mechanism" is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems.

The program is oriented to practical engineers, students and teachers; in other words it is oriented to all people who are involved in problems of dynamics of machines and mechanisms. Mechanical systems are described by means of representing them as systems of rigid bodies connected by various kinematical pairs and force elements, so-called multibody systems.

Program package "Universal Mechanism" is a basic product of the Laboratory. It is a specialized CAE application that is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems such as transport machines, road vehicles, railway vehicles, space structures, robots and manipulator, defense systems. "Universal Mechanism" supposes that its user has basic knowledge in fields of theoretical mechanics, machine and mechanism theory and mathematical modeling. Normally it is used by research engineers within research departments and offices.
Universal Mechanism consists of the core - UM Base - and a number of additional modules, that widen functionality of the core.

UM has an advanced postprocessor, which includes linear analysis, statistics, optimization, and export of results. UM is a useful tool for the computer-aided modeling of multibody and hybrid systems of various types: complex aerospace structures, robots, railway vehicles, automobiles, cable systems, etc. It gives an opportunity to solve both the direct and inverse kinematics, dynamic, and control problems. There are special prices of UM for scientific and educational purposes.

UM includes kernel and number of additional task-oriented modules: UM Automotive, UM Loco, UM CAD Interfaces, UM FEM, UM Optimization, UM Control and others.

UM demo version and user's guide are available for downloading.