Sunday, March 2, 2008

FEAview Finite Element Modeler And Post-Processor For MSC Nastran - Free Download

Friends fortunately I read article about FEA View. I don't have much idea and haven't  tested it since I don't have MSC.Nastran with me. By looking at the description this sounds good.

FEAview is a finite element modeler and post-processor for structures problems using MSC. Nastran. It supports all the elements, properties, materials, and loads commonly used in structures problems. FEAview supports all finite element types commonly used for linear static problems. FEAview is rich in graphics and transforms the geometry and results data into comprehensible charts and displays.It is rich in graphics and transforms the model and solver results data into readily comprehensible charts and graphics.FEAview has its roots in aircraft structural analysis.

fea The basic modeling toolset for the FEAview is complete as of this release. Modeling in FEAview will now be taken to the next level. The post-processor part of FEAview (which does not need the modeler) is more mature code and is based on a program by the same author that was heavily used in the aircraft industry.
FEAview supports most MSC.Nastran™ elements, properties, materials, loads, and constraints commonly used in linear static problems. See elements for a list of supported elements and data types.
FEAview reads binary OUTPUT2 files produced by MSC.Nastran™ running on a Linux or a Windows PC. FEAview can read most model files in the MSC.Nastran™ distribution. Some features are not supported (such as macros) but, in general, FEAview is very good at reading MSC.Nastran™ files. FEAview post-processing functions:
· The Max/Min process finds the maxima of each of the variables associated with each element.
· The loadcase history process collects the values of each of the variables associated with each element for all loadcase's.
· Computes Principal Forces and Strain for line elements, little enhancements to Nastran.
· Uses the raw Grid Point Force Balance (GPFB) data to dynamically recalculate the Totals to reflect the out-of-model forces when the original model is reduced by a windowing operation. 

Here arFEAview--thumbe some key features of "FEAview":
· 3D plots with the numerical data drawn on the elements according to various switches. Example
· Various tabular displays. Example
· Color plots according to data, element, and variable types. Example
· Deformation plots.
· Loadcase history plots Example
· Vector plots of solid element Normal, Shear, and Principal variables.

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