Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How To Select Motor And Drives For Mechanical Engineering Design - Fundamentals:Controls:Driver Types And More

A Electric motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy. The reverse process, that of using mechanical energy to produce electrical energy, is accomplished by a generator or dynamo. Traction motors used on locomotives often perform both tasks if the locomotive is equipped with dynamic brakes.The principle of conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy by electromagnetic means was demonstrated by the British scientist Michael Faraday in 1821 and consisted of a free-hanging wire dipping into a pool of mercury. A permanent magnet was placed in the middle of the pool of mercury. When a current was passed through the wire, the wire rotated around the magnet, showing that the current gave rise to a circular magnetic field around the wire. This motor is often demonstrated in school physics classes, but brine (salt water) is sometimes used in place of the toxic mercury. This is the simplest form of a class of electric motors called homopolar motors. A later refinement is the Barlow's Wheel. These were demonstration devices, unsuited to practical applications due to limited power.

And the history goes on to make a mark. That's understandable, But how many how does Electric motor would play Mechanical Engineering Design. I guess this may be hard question to answer for many of you. Automation is the key part In Mechanical Engineering Design, which would reduce time and man power. Now can you understand how important is to know about Motor and Drives. All of us studied about motors and drives in your education, but its hard to remember all those concepts but it has become must for Design Engineers to selector right motor for correct application. I think You start to think about Where did keep my Electrical Books ?? No No my friend, I would like to share website which will make your job easier in understanding Electric Motor and drives..

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