Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sheet Cutting Suite - Sheet Metal Layout Optimizer - Free Software Tool - Free Download

Hi Everybody. Are you from Fabrication Industry working with all Sheetmetal Works. Its difficult job for Drafter or Shop Floor laborer to optimize the Sheetmetal layout. As a Drafter you have to try different options so that you don't waste any Sheetmetal billet before you cut it. Usually this Sheetmetal Layout Optimization is done in AutoCAD by arranging unfolded Sheetmetal components in different positions so that you save raw material and man power. Lets see software tool which will do this job quite easily.

Sheet Cutting Suite is a  nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap generated by 2 Dimensional Rectangular cutting (Guillotine cutting or nested) processes. It finds application in varied industries such as Glass cutting, Sheet Metal layout and fabrication, Wood working, Building panel, Carpet, PCB, acrylics etc. Whether your stock is in the form of Sheets or Coils (rolls), once you define your cutting job, the layout software requires just one mouse click to arrange the parts on appropriate stocks. It requires minimum skill and effort from the operator for generating the optimized layouts.

It helps in cutting down wastage in Material, Time, Labor and Process.

  • reduce waste time and money.

  • support EXCEL, AutoCAD and CNC cutting machine.

  • free to trial

    Sheetmetal cutting optimizer


    Highlight Features are:

    • better utilization.
    • new disc shape.
    • fix import AUTOCAD .DXF file problem.
    • easy to append stock data.
    • You can delete special layouts to get better utilization.
    • Print panels, sheets, offcuts labels.
    • Cutting Circle/Ellipse shape.
    • Export CNC G code for cutting machine.
    • Export HTML file.
    • Manual function for arranging.
    • Custom any interface and report of any materials and any languages And Many More.

    Download Sheet Cutting Suite