Saturday, April 12, 2008

FEA/CAE Projects - Full Description With Results

Many of us like to test our potential knowledge on FEA by doing projects. May be to get the confidence or to know things better we would like to read lot more engineering projects on FEA/CAE segment. But still its difficult to find such no company would like to reveal any sort of information about their project details. Nothing to worry any more, I got one site which help you to approach how to FEA projects, Especially Vibrational, Non-linear Analysis, Contact Problems, CFD etc . Kindly check out these projects which has given nicely from the scratch till analysis results with analysis result AVI file. This projects will clear most of your doubts in doing FEA projects.

  • Projects
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  • All you have to do, make free registration which is available here.. Then you become eligible to access  all projects and thesis available here. Also AVI gallery of Analysis results uploaded here.