Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Step Towards Finite Element Analysis - Basic Knowledge And Concepts Of Fatigue,Fracture etc.,

The site which we are going discuss now is quite interesting its nothing new and some of you would have seen articles related to this topic.. But this site seems to provide more engineering knowledge in strength of materials. Finite Element Analysis is the core of the product development, Finite Element Simulation is very critical and helps to understand the working principle of the Machine or Any Product. To execute all These Finite Element Stuff you need to know the basic stuff of Engineering like Strength of Materials , Machine Design and So on.. Its going to be easy task, something is always better than nothing right.. So we shall concentrate on Strength of Materials related Finite Element Modeling and Engineering Design, This site explains various factors like Fracture,fatigue,Ductility,stress intensity. Following topics are explained in this site..

  • Concepts and Analysis of Failure
    • History
    • Energy Methods
    • Fatigue
    • Statistical Methods
    • Stress Concentration
    • Stress Intensity
  • Experiments in Fracture
    • Brittle Fracture
    • Fatigue
    • Ductile Fracture
    • Fracture Toughness
    • Fractography
    • Design
  • Numerical Approach - Finite Element Analysis
    • History
    • Theory
    • Simple Computer Program
    • Numerical Examples of Fracture
  • Evaluation
  • Visualization
  • Glossary

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