Friday, May 2, 2008

How To Design SheetMetal Part - Basics/FAQ's Of SheetMetal Design

As far as the CAD/CAM is concerned, Sheetmetal Design takes pole position. I mean Fabrication companies Buy CAD/CAM software which supports Sheetmetal Design. Sheetmetal works are used in every form of products like House hold items, Automobiles,Machines etc., Hence its very crucial for an Design Engineer to have good knowledge in Sheetmetal Design. IT doesn't come just like that you need to understand some specific operation like Bending, Punching,Drawing,Piercing etc.,

Certainly When you see Pressing Machines you will understand what its and how it is used in Sheetmetal Process. Don't be afraid Many sites help you to understand these concepts, Moreover All CAD/CAM software's have their inbuilt help/Tutorial explaining how to design a Sheetmetal Products and its various tools which supports it.. Now Lets take a Look at how to develop yourself in Designing a Sheetmetal Product:

Click on procedure below to see specific info (Courtesy: Quality tool)