Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mechanical Engineer's Discussion Forum - Be a member, Go for it

Are you crazy about your profession. Don't you. If you ask me. I will say yes I am workaholic and look for opportunities to learn new things just be innovative. Its not a thumb rule for all, everyone has their own of way of working and learning things. In my personnel experience, being Mechanical Design Engineer when you are into new product development my suggestion would be always possess "Out of box thinking".

When you are designing new mechanism or machine to deliver expected function, there are several ways to design systems by using different technologies in industry and apply your CAD/CAE/CAM in making those products. This is how product engineering works in CAD industry.

In many cases, Engineering Discussion forum helps by sharing knowledge and getting solution from experts in the board. By Google search I came across such domain where all kind engineering would meet and share their knowledge. I see many Mechanical Engineers address their problems at work and getting engineering solutions from members, which is really good.

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