Sunday, April 19, 2009

Worried About Engineering Mathematics - Handy Math Tutorial

Hello everyone,any news from you guys. I wish you are rock and solid as ever. Today lets discuss about something common in our day today work in all engineering applications. Its quite simple Math, use of maths in engineering applications. Math is extensively used in all Engineering no matter what Engineer you are. But always our concern would how Mechanical Engineering can benefit from Engineering Maths.

The bulk of engineering is the application of mathematics for design and analysis. A mechanical engineer might calculate stresses on a tool being designing to make sure it won't break during use. A chemical engineer might calculate the amount of heat expected to be produced by a process. An electrical engineer might calculate the voltage or amperage of electricity in a circuit. There are literally millions of applications of mathematics in engineering.

Engineering Math

From stress analysis of machine components (using finite element packages), to numerical descriptions of the artist drawn shapes of new gadgets (using CAD packages), to the use of numbers associated with the mundane jobs of production, inspection, and statistical quality assurance (using statistical packages), to the economically critical planning problem of what material to buy in what amount from where (using optimization packages), and so on, applied mathematics is everywhere in the everyday world of software applications in routine engineering. From calculations of heat and mass flow in steam power plants and car radiators, to calculations of air flow in cooling fans, to calculations of molten metal flowing and mixing in weld pools, applied mathematics turns the wheels of engineering analysis and design. From reliability in electrical power system grids to traffic in networks (both tar roads and optical fibres), mathematics crosses boundaries in a way no other technical subject can. The applications mentioned above are the subjects of many books. Yet, they collectively fall to convey the excitement that engineering applications of mathematics can have. There is more to the story than a list of applications.

By this time, you must be very eager to see what is the website we are going to look at. You will be happy to go through the wolfram mathworld which will help you in many ways to clarify your math doubt. I like FEA part which are highlighted in the above image.

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