Saturday, June 27, 2009

Library of essential Mechanical Engineering e-books | Read online and Purchase

Free Library Access of Mechanical Engineering books:

Learning is always good habit. Reading books on innovations and keep yourself updated on latest technology.

Apart from this, being an Mechanical Engineer you must have reference books like Machine Design Databook, Engineering Mechanics, Thermal Engineering,Mechanical Engineer's Handbook and list continues..

Engineering graduates who just joined college would always seek seniors and lecturers help what would be best reference books for my course. Nothing wrong in this, you can go see for yourself in the library since all libraries are digitized and some even online its easy to go through the Library catalogue to get the books you wanted.

To nail down this problem, I have few suggestions how to get the right books online and go ahead to purchase your Engineering books.

TATA McGraw-Hill has addressed this issue for book readers across all Engineering disciplines.

TATA McGraw's Access Engineering Library. Its comprehensive Online Engineering Library where you can search and browse books, preview of selected books,detailed chapter review etc.,

Once you find book what your looking for, its an e-book though. You can purchase for subscription online.

"How much does an eBook cost? Are eBooks more expensive than printed books?

The cost to you if you are an Individual subscriber is the purchase price of your eBook. Once purchased, you can read it online on DXReader for the subscription period of 48 hours or 1 year from date of purchase.

The cost to you if you are an Institutional subscriber is the purchase price of your package, which is a group of one or more eBooks. Once purchased, you can read it online on DXReader for a period of one year from date of purchase.

TATA McGraw do not charge for the use of the DXReader.
Our eBooks are typically priced less than or equal to the list price of their paper counterparts. Our eBook prices are also less than on-line prices of their paper counterparts, when you consider shipping costs."

Have any doubts on this. See FAQ

E-books are available for following Engineering fields.

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Communications Engineering

Construction Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Energy Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Green/Sustainable Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Material Science Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Nanotechnology Engineering

Optical Engineering

Some of books which I prefer to have a copy{can I download for free:( }for me are

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Mechanical Design
ISBN: 0071484256
Author: Gene R. Cogorno

Machine Design Databook, Second Edition
ISBN: 0071449604
Author: K.Lingaiah, Ph.D.

Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices Sourcebook: Fourth Edition
ISBN: 0071497498

Standard Handbook of Machine Design, Third Edition
ISBN: 0071456023
Author: Joseph E. Shigley

Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations, Fourth Edition
ISBN: 0071462740
Author: Tyler G. Hicks, P.E.

okay let me end the list. For instance I prefer to know Machine Design Handbook by Shigley(my favorite)

Mechanical Engineering Books Free Library Access

Fig: List of essential Mechanical Engineering Books - TATA McGraw-Hill online library

Machine Design Shigley Free Library ebook

Fig: Machine Design Handbook by Shigley - chapter and content details- TATA McGraw-Hill online library

There you go, your all set to take sample preview of eBook and purchase it.

I would have been much happier person if TATA McGraw would have given any discount price on e-books anyhow its quite worth it rather than buying used copy seconds book !

This is something big boon for all Engineering graduates(as always I insist Mechanical Engineering) who can browse all must have engineering reference books, read online, then go for purchase or download option. I recommend engineering graduates to make use of this.