Friday, July 3, 2009

Bolt Design Calculation Tutorial|Bolt Preload:Torque tightening:Strength calculation

If your are going to Design a product, obviously design for stability would be the important point you should keep in mind. When you take a product, it constituents various components held together to perform specific functionality. This assembly is done by various means of joining process, one of them is Bolt joint method.

Bolt Failure_ prevent Techniques In this article, we will see "How to Design a Bolt joint","How to prevent Bolt or Fastener failure","Information and Description about thread call out","How to avoid Bolt loosening", "Bolt Calculation steps" and many more.

All information's  are provided by Boltscience, which is consultancy service has a great deal of experience in solving bolting problems.

Software for the analysis of bolted joints,Tests on joints and fasteners,Latest Bolt Technology are some of hot topics you can find.

Some of their service include:

Info on Bolting
Bolt Glossary of Terms
Bolting FAQ
Bolt Tightening Methods
Checking Tightness
Torque Tightening
Bolt Loosening
Fastener Strength
Bolting & Gaskets
Joint Decompression
Tightening Sequences
Bolted Joint Tutorial
Info on Threads
Bolt Failure Examples
Short Bolting
NutFace Angularity
Tightening the Nut or the Bolt Head?
Junker Bolt and Fastener Testing Video

Bolt Design Calculation Tutorial

They also have a web site dedicated to training, have a look at - the site contains training material and resources.

Glossary of fastener and related terms
Torque Convertor - Conversion program for torque units
Methods of Tightening Bolts
Bolt Tightening and Quality Control
Case Study - Torque Tightening
Vibration Loosening of Bolts
Strength of Threaded Fasteners
Bolted Joints containing Gaskets
The Importance of Preload - The Joint Decompression Point
Bolt Crosstalk and the need for a Tightening Sequence
Tightening the Nut or the Bolt Head
Use of Two Nuts to Prevent Self Loosening
Tutorial on the theory of Bolted Joints
Why is a bolt's preload force vital?
How a bolted joint sustains an applied force
What is a Joint Diagram?
Joint Diagram with an external force applied
The effect of a high external force on a joint
The effect of a compressive external force on a joint
The Effect of Joint Deformation loss due to Embedding
Bolt Preload Variation due to the Tightening Method
Why nuts and bolts come loose
Video - Junker Fastener Vibration Test
Tests on the double nut system of locking
Tests on helical spring washers

Information related to screw threads
Historical background to screw threads
Basic Thread Terminology
The Whitworth Thread Form
The British Association Thread Form
The Unified and Metric Thread Forms
Basic Profile of Unified and Metric Thread Forms
Tolerancing of Screw Threads

Examples of bolt failures
M24 Engine Mounting Bolt Failure
M16 Bolt Failure
M12 Bolt Fretting Failure
Wheel Stud Failures

Short Bolting - Ensuring sufficient thread engagement

The Effect of Nut Face Angularity on Bolt Fatigue Life

Note: All these links are taken from Boltscience, if any of the pages not found check their home page.

These Bolt design tutorials are explained with images, very clearly and easy manner.

I am damn sure this is the complete Bolt Design Tutorial covering A-Z details on Fastener and bolts, once you gone through this you should be able to design better products with safe bolt joint methods.