Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Engineering Toolbox - Mechanical Engineering Design and Analysis Calculator

Advance Mechanical Engineering Design calculator One of the hard task for Engineer's to remember the Mathematical Formula's and Engineering calculations. Yes, ofcourse people would refer Mechanical Engineering Pocket Book which is a reference book of rules, tables, data, and formulae, for the use of engineers & mechanics. Not to forget the unit converters which is part of daily Engineering work.

ENGRASP is an Engineering Solution provider and introduced Engineering Toolbox software. This is an advanced software tool for Mechanical Design Engineers and Analysis. ETBX covers formula's, Engineering calculations on following areas:

Solid Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Dynamics and Controls

Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics

Numerical Analysis

Reference Data and Utilities

It helps Engineers to interactively explore ideas during a design or evaluation study. Its user friendly interface, easy access of tools,graphical representation of results,quick solution makes it handy tool for Design Engineers to do Engineering Calculations so easily and quickly.

The beauty of this software is it has got web based help, you can analysis as project, Engineering Material database, integrated unit converter and many. Take a look at the following screen shots to understand what this software is all about.

Mechanical Engineering Calculator

Fig: Engineering Mechanics,Thermal Analysis,Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics Calculator

Beam Analysis Calculator

Fig: Beam analysis calculator(Static and Frequency analysis)

Solid Mechanics_Fluid Dynamics Calcultator

Fig: Graphical representation of results

I feel this is handy calculator for Mechanical Engineers since it cover many areas in Engineering like Fluid,Thermal,Mechanical,Numerical Analysis and so on. Ultimately, this software is not meant for free. You got to buy the license, before see demo of this compact Mechanical Design Engineering Calculator. Still I feel its worth buying it to have a handy Desktop Engineering Calculator for all Mechanical engineers.