Friday, January 18, 2008

The CAD Society - Free Membership-CAD Forum-CAD Discussion

cad society As you know well forming forum or society is always good for sharing each others experience across the board. CAD Society is one of those especially dedicated to CAD people of all sectors.The CAD Society is a not-for-profit industry association with the goal of fostering a community and encouraging open communication among those who make their living within the CAD industry including AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, and GIS.

Over 20 years ago, The CAD Society was formed to bring together a community of CAD users of all types, levels and generations. We think this was a great idea, so while continuing this goal, we are "freshening up" The CAD Society to incorporate new ideas while broadening its scope. Read the press release below to find out more details, and also click on the About link on the left.

Power in numbers. Joining The CAD Society, even as a free member, allows your voice to be multiplied. For instance, if a CAD software developer has initiated a policy that could adversely affect your company or the entire industry, The CAD Society will make sure your opinions get heard. The goal here is to help students become more interested in engineering, design, manufacturing, etc. by putting them in touch with those professionals who are making a living doing it.

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Available Memberships are:

» Free Individual/Students Memberships:

» Paid Individual/Students Memberships: [Professionals: $25/year; Students: $10/year]

»Corporate Membership: [Companies: $250/year; Academic Institutions: $100/year]

» Foundation Members: [Companies: $2500/year; Academic Institutions: $1000/year]

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