Sunday, January 20, 2008

Albire 3D modelling software - Free Download, CAD Video Tutorial

alibre I suppose still there are CAD lovers, they feel comfortable in working with 2D drafting software rather latest 3D modelling software. The reason is they fear about 3D modelling tools and how they can adopt themselves, Will they able to succeed in a quicker time etc. May be what I am going to tell you now will ease your fear, yes I am very sure. The modelling software name called Albire, user friendly software.

Like any other software's, Albire also provides Part modelling, sheetmetal, assembly and bill of material. User Interface is very easy to use. The tools have been well differentiated with icons so that beginners can use it well. The software is available for free download(Trial Version)to get use to it with advance features.

As I said earlier, installing software in your PC alone will not help, you need to know how to use the tools to create model. Albire has given video tutorial right from the beginning of transformation of 2D To 3D tool usage. Explanation of each module is defined in a easy understandable way. Here is the Albire Video Tutorial.

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Albire has tied up with other partners like Mastercam,Rhino,Algor.Adobe etc., You can also download Albire plug-in for other software like Rhino even Google.So why don?t you give a shot at it. Try it now.

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