Monday, January 21, 2008

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Design Engineers always face a challenging task a ahead, if you are working in automobile sector one need to be very creative and innovative. Globally,the fate of most car companies has been shifting from sober executives and calculating engineers to rest more on the quirky, creative types who head up design departments. As a result, automobile design is changing dramatically.

Automakers are striving for sexier-looking cars as a way to draw buyers who once may have been sold on power, performance, warranties or amenities. “This is the absolute best time ever to be a car designer,” says Patrick Schiavone, who leads Ford’s North American design effort. “As a business, we’ve come to the conclusion that sex sells and understand that this is a fashion industry.”

Many designers see the car as a form of clothing. "We like to say, ‘A car is the largest object you are ever going to wear,’" says Chris Chapman of BMW. And to their benefit, design is fast becoming the main way automakers differentiate their products and brands. The reason is that the content, quality and performance of vehicles has reached a plateau where most, if not all, are on equal footing within their specific categories.

Designing CAR is not one man show with Design Engineers alone, Car originates from the concept level where you may need hand sketch or even Photoshop. Still you cant believe.Isn't it. I was surprised to see such a thing and very interesting too. once sketch of the car model has been approved, next step is to model car in any of the CAD software like Rhino, Lightwave 3D. It may looks simpler by saying.  Kindly visit

Here you can find video of latest car roll outs and even the way it been designed. CAR Body Design has been classified into three categories concept,production and special cars. you can download the 3D models of CAR in *.lwo  3ds MAX file format, and also the tutorial how car has been developed part by part with support of software's like 3ds MAX, Rhino,Alias Sketch pro etc., some of their links are given below.

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