Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fluid Mechanics Concepts - Video Lecture:Free Video Tutorial:CFD Basics

I am sure most of people Would get bored or tired down when you sit in Lecture class room, I know why being student in my school days. But still we would like to learn many things, our education system has taken new face with the help of technology. I would bet you will love to listen to lecture like you do in any of your class room, when you read this article. The reason is very simple all you need is your Laptop and good broadband connection, your on track. Have a coke,lays what ever you to eat by the side of you watch this Lecture. PauseCFD it if you would like to have break finish off little things you want to do in between then carry on your listening. Isn't great ? Believe me guys you would certainly wonder is this true.

Well when your surf this site, you will able to watch the Fluid Mechanics concepts explained by great Lecturers From IIT in video stream. You may question me How does it help the design engineers. Fluid Mechanics plays crucial role in CFD.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is one of the branches of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyse problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform the millions of calculations required to simulate the interaction of fluids and gases with the complex surfaces used in engineering. However, even with simplified equations and high-speed supercomputers, only approximate solutions can be achieved in many cases. More accurate software that can accurately and quickly simulate even complex scenarios such as transonic or turbulent flows are an ongoing area of research. Validation of such software is often performed using a wind tunnel.

In many problems the fluid dynamics involved are key to optimising a technology (for example, reducing the aerodynamic resistance of a car, improving the efficiency of a compressor or the actions of a chemical reactor). Based on these simulations, it is possible to study aspects related to three-dimensional flow, such as heat transfer and mixing, together with radiation, combustion of dispersion of emissions. Simulations provide a new perspective of the problem that traditional methods are unable to provide.

Now you would agree with me why I am giving so much importance to this Fluid Mechanics Video Tutorial/Video Lecture. Thanks to IIT and  National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (Govt Of INDIA) such a e-learning for the people. There are about 42 video lectures available each runs about more than 40 minutes covering from basics till the latest updates happened in Fluid Mechanics.

Watch Video lecture now..