Saturday, February 9, 2008

SolidWorks And ANSYS - Free Tutorial: Free Examples and Projects

Hope things are moving pretty well. I was little free for the past weeks that's reason I could able to fetch more resources to all of you. Again I found one interesting Material for Design Engineers who are in CAD as well as FEA side. Well this educational side developed by group of professors. They have published their research Papers and works here. Along with this Tutorials for SolidWorks and Ansys have been given. Don't think this covers entire modules of both these software's. Interesting part is the software has been taught with the practical examples or real model, which will quite interesting for the user. If you want to say me specifically laminar over flow over infinite cylinder, 3D heat Sink with dimples, Truss bending, Flat plate Flow, Conduction and Convention analysis etc., Some of examples were given from electrical and electronic components also, you can see simulation video and the modeling(description) done in ANSYS, If you are good enough you can do it in ANSYS.

When you move further down to the page, you could see link for SolidWorks Tutorials. Unfortunately tutorial is given for Old version of SolidWorks I mean SolidWorks 2001. But still its good enough for the people who haven't seen the GUI solidworks2001 and What tools are available in those days. How product is designed and what are the features its really interesting stuff. This Tutorials covers topics like Working with parts, modifying parts, drawing a bracket from scratch, using SolidWorks to solve problems,solidworks to ANSYS tutorial etc., Also you can download Sample PART and ASSEMBLY files for workouts. Also some useful links for Engineering-Education and other thesis given. So enjoy and Happy Surfing.. 

Ansys Tutorial.. Solidworks Tutorial....