Friday, February 22, 2008

Mechanical Engineering Study Material - Strength Of Material Notes

Nice to see Readers Viewing my page all across the globe. More than that they are sharing their experience with me which boosts me a lot. As you all voted to see more posts on FEA here, Let me bring more FEA stuff from net. This post is one such related to FEA concept. From the beginning I was telling Learning number of software's alone will not help, you need to be strong at the fundamentals. I mean you need to be through with your Engineering subjects like Strength of Materials, Heat And Mass Transfer, Machine Design etc.,

Here I have provided a website link, which gives explanation about Fracture,Fatigue,Stress,Stress intensity etc., Not only theory they have even given the practical examples to make you understand what are all these terms. I am very certain you like this site , thanks to Virginia Tech Materials Science and Engineering.

  1. Concepts and Analysis of Failure
  2. Experiments in Fracture
  3. Numerical Approach - Finite Element Analysis
  4. Glossary