Friday, February 22, 2008

On-line CAD drawing - Free e-drawing publisher

Have you ever heard of creating your CAD drawing online in the Internet. Hope you must be DWG Viewer or E-drawing etc., But this is something different.OfficeCAD provides desktop and Internet based infrastructure software for B2B e-commerce. Instant CAD drawings close sales. In addition, our Fortune 500 companies find that they are more excited about the reduction in errors in their drawings. They reduce costs, eliminate errors and now can have anyone with a browser create new 2D or 3D drawings. Friends technology has gone very high here is the example from OfficeCAD.

Your Proven, complete automation service. Design/Configuration needs analysis project specification Development & field testing Site license & updates/upgrades Secure,Intranet/Internet hosting Continual development,Increasing library of automation solutions implemented in modules for quick return on investment.One low monthly flat fee One assigned automation expert Your access to global automation  NEW - 60 Day Trial w/expert developers. Free up your designers for advanced drawings. Improve productivity Reduce errors via standardization Create custom CAD drawings 100x faster

Test: Create instant, custom CAD online drawings here.

Instantly create your new, detailed customized AutoCAD drawings faster than by manual methods only. Free & Nothing to download.
1.  OfficeCAD saves you time and money.  New custom, CAD drawings are 100x faster.
2.  OfficeCAD eliminates design / drafting errors.  Quality improves.   Reduced costs.
3.  OfficeCAD creates your custom, detailed 2d/3d drawings completely, Proven in F500
4.  OfficeCAD also works with Excel, Access, Internet Explorer or your configuration.

Imagine your sales reps or customers creating custom drawings by entering specifications or simply dragging their options together and then having OfficeCAD make the complete CAD drawing with dimensions for you.  Custom drawings in seconds with no extra draftsman needed.

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