Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fluid Mechanics Videos - Fluid Experimental Demonstrations and Explanations

Below are the list of Movies about Fluid Mechanics. Each chapter of this volume is based on the script of a particular film. Each is heavily illustrated with experimental scenes from the film. The many photographs of interesting and significant phenomena in fluid mechanics are in themselves highly educative to both beginning and advanced students. In addition, descriptions of experimental phenomena help to develop in students that valuable faculty: a physical intuition, a “feel” for the diverse ways in which fluids behave. With the “film in print,” in the form of a chapter of this book, the reader who has seen a film can relive the film, as it were: he can recapture the phenomena, the motion, and the vividness of the film, but he can do so at his own speed, without being pressured by the pace of the film. A student can reflect on what he has seen, and relate it to his classroom and textbook learning.