Sunday, February 24, 2008

Metallurgical Terminology - Mechanical Engineering Definitions with examples

AMC provides Materials and Metallurgical Consultants. Engineers specialize in industrial product failure, corrosion, expert witness testimony, industrial accident investigation, materials and metallurgical engineering, welding, manufacturing, forensic engineering, product liability, and explosion investigation services. Our principle failure analysis engineer and forensic accident investigation expert can solve your industrial failure analysis or provide expert witness testimony for your insurance accident investigation or product liability investigation. We provide on site product liability evaluation, accident investigation, engineering analysis, litigation support, expert witness testimony, and evaluation of conformance to industry specifications.

Metallurgical Consultants also provides solutions to manufacturing problems that improve your product quality, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Proper materials processing and process control is essential to improved yields and product quality.

Metallurgical Consultants has working relationships with professionals in metallurgical, mechanical testing, inspection, industrial accident investigation, and structural engineering services.  Metallurgical Consultants can solve your industrial or consumer product problem, accident investigation, and materials failure analysis concerns or provide expert witness services.

These people enormous experience behind them. They have shared their expertise with us in many hot topics  like  Failure Mechanisms,Fatigue,Creep & stress rupture,Corrosion,Stress corrosion cracking,Ductile and brittle fractures, Wear,Hydrogen embrittlement,Liquid metal embrittlement,Welding,Corrosion,Materials etc., Followed by list of links which speaks more about Materials and its charactersitics.

All these topics were explained in a much better manner so that anyone can easily what it is. If you are very curious about this,  visit now..

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