Monday, February 4, 2008

Pro-e WildFire 2.0 - Free Tutorial:Free Video Tutorial:Free Download: Pro-e WildFire 3.0 Updates Tutorial

proe wf3 Well Friends, I have few things to share with you about Pro-e Tutorials. That too if something comes by Video,Learning becomes much more easy isn't it ? Yes this time Frotime has done it for us.

FroTime was originally created by several Mechanical Engineers back in 1996. The company started by selling Pro/ENGINEER tutorials online. FroTime was in fact the first company to offer online training for Pro/ENGINEER that could be purchased and immediately downloaded for quick learning. By 2001, FroTime had over 100 customers in 10 different countries.

FroTime's main purpose is to help its customers utilize the large amounts of engineering data they create and leverage that investment throughout the entire company. In addition, FroTime will also offer the most cost-effective Pro/ENGINEER training solution on the market developed by industry experts.

The current direction of FroTime is to develop tools and applications to streamline and expedite the Engineering design and change process for small to medium sized companies. The current FroTools product will expand to meet the demands of multiple CAD systems and tracking the important changes of the engineering design and manufacturing process.

PROE Their Tutorial Stats are:
91 Tutorials
3,784 Pages
7,978+ Members

The Tutorials covers versions like 2000i2, 2001, Wildfire 1.0, Wildfire 2.0 (from 1.0), Wildfire 2.0 (from 2001), More... Also Tutorials covers modules like BasicAssembly,BasicDetail,AdvancedModeling,AdvancedAssembly,AdvancedDetail,Surfacing,Cabling,SheetMetal,Mechanica,Piping,Pro/PROGRAM,Toolkit API),Manufacture,Import/Export,Behavioral Modeling etc.,

Please keep in mind that you need to spend some money out of your pocket if you need enjoy all these Tutorials, as you know everyone works for money. But still lot to cheer up here, Free tutorials are available with models,along with documents how to do it and so on.. These Tutorial offers Advanced Modeling,Advanced Assembly,Surface modeling,Sheetmetal,Pro Toolkit,Cabling,Systems etc.,

Apart from all, jackpot is Video Tutorial which you can watch live stream if you have enough bandwidth Internet connection. Clickhere for Video Tutorial and WildFire 3.0 Updates .. Videos are well formatted, audio accent is good so everyone can listen and understand the concept what they try to convey to you. Frotime is working on to have more Video Tutorial of all Topics, you need to wait for some more to get all of them.

WildFire 3.0 Updates are available for free in PDF document:

Introduction to Cabling 1
Introduction to Cabling 2
Introduction to Cabling 3
Sheetmetal Subject (4)
Surfacing Subject (6)
Basic Modeling Subject (6)
Drawing Basics Subject (6)

So click here and enjoy surfing..

Note: There are more Tutorials in the pipeline especially for CAE users so keep watching it.. Do mail me your queries. Thanks !!