Monday, February 4, 2008

Unigraphics(NX3) - Free Video Tutorial: Free Download

NX3 Friends I found one useful link for Unigraphics Users. Some of you may be already using NX, but people who are new or wanted to learn this software. Here is the Tutorial which help you a lot, I mean Video Tutorial. It is really quite amazing Tutor explaining commands step by step.

This Video Tutorial was created by Kim Manner,Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Wisconsin - Madison.

These tutorials consist of a video feed demonstrating use of the software with a voice-over commentary.  When viewing these videos on a CAE network machine, one must use headphones in order to hear the voice-over commentary.  Headsets may be attached to the audio output jack of the computer.  If viewing on your own machine, you must install a video Codec.  This codec may be downloaded free at:

Download the TSCC Codec

Kindly install the proper Video Codec based on your Desktop Operating System. Otherwise you may not be able to run the video, if you are unable to see live stream video one of the problem may be proper Video Codec is not installed, so please be sure right codec is installed in your machine.

On the sides of the page you will see navigation tabs for the various tutorials.

After clicking on one of the tabs, you will be directed to a page containing the video. Click on the video once to be able to use the navigation commands(Play, Pause, Skip, etc).

In some of the videos, you will also see jump buttons for subsections of the tutorial on the left hand side of the screen. Click on one of the buttons to be taken to a specific point in the video. These video Tutorials are keep updated, so you need to keep checking this website for updated video files.

To watch these Video Tutorial Click here..

To Download Tutorial For NX3 in PDF file format : Click here...

For more Unigraphics tutorial Visit this link, but you should be member of 3D CAD Tutorial to access this one.