Saturday, February 16, 2008

Web Based Heat Transfer Calculation: Heat Transfer Analysis tool

Lets see the case study which speaks about role of FEA in Heat Transfer Analysis. Infrared (IR) measures temperatures, but only where they can be "seen" by the instrument. These temperatures are generated by various phenomena, but all get to where we can see them by heat transfer. Analysis of the heat transfer allows us to get more information, expand our insight, expand the applicability of the IR, and be more efficient in doing so. A good way to perform this analysis is Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Examples will be presented that demonstrate how IR and FEA can be combined to improve the use of IR and to make the thermographer more useful, more efficient, and more effective.

imageFEA calculations for heat transfer serve to enhance the capabilities or the profitability of the infrared thermographer. This benefit is obtained by using the FEA to predict the thermal performance of systems that the thermographer will or has examined. The results of the analysis can help determine when the thermographer can profitably work, whether the thermographer's goals can be achieved, and how best to achieve them. The FEA approach also gives the thermographer information about the systems that cannot be obtained directly. The most direct example of this is the calculation of internal electrical component temperature rises based on external measurements. Short of taking the equipment apart, possibly unnecessarily, FEA is the best method for providing this type of backup for the thermographer.

Well if someone worries about using FEA software, you can do basic Heat Transfer Calculations in Web itself.. Here it is...These online calculation pages implement heat transfer models developed by the Microelectronics Heat Transfer Laboratory at the University of Waterloo. These models are accessed through a CGI interface and require the use of a forms-capable browser.

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