Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CSWP,Certified SolidWorks Professional Program - CSWP Exam Free For The First 100 Participants

You will be happy when you finish reading this article, if you are SolidWorks user. What's your level of confidence in Working with SolidWorks. If you say I am champ, Then ready to take this one up..SolidWorks Certification called Certified SolidWorks Professional Program.


cswp CSWP, Like professionals in many other industries, users who pass the SolidWorks  Professional Certification Program (CSWP) test demonstrate a high level of proficiency in use of the software. Upon successfully passing the CSWP Exam, you will be included in the SolidWorks web-based directory of certified professionals. Program benefits include use of SolidWorks logos in your marketing materials, business cards etc.

This is What  SolidWorks Technical Manager of India has to say about CSWP To Yahoo CAD Community:

I'm Arbaaz Khan, the Solidworks Technical Manager for India. Many of you may already be knowing me…it's my privilege to join this group. Trust me, SolidWorks is the best & complete CAD Software available in the industry as of date. There is a lot of scope and requirements for Certified SolidWorks Professionals (CSWP) in the industry. Not only do the certified people get excellent jobs, but they also get huge salaries. You also get listed in the SolidWorks online web directory & much more!!!

So keeping all this in mind & for the benefit of our community, I've made CSWP exam free for the first 100 participants (the actual charge is approx. Rs. 5000/attempt)….Well isn't that exciting??? So go on & grab the opportunity & come up in life…..visit www.solidworks.co.nr for more details. So Best of Luck to all of you in advance…for your exams as well as your careers….

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