Monday, March 10, 2008

Pro-e Viewer : Visualization & Collaboration for Pro/Engineer (2D & 3D) with Oracle's AutoVue

Lets See about Pro-e Viewer this time,AutoVue is the leading viewer for all versions of Pro/E and more than 450 other 3D CAD, 2D CAD, EDA and office formats. AutoVue provides access to both the Pro-E 3D parts & assemblies and the 2D drawings. Users from thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen Oracle's AutoVue products to allow them to view Pro-Engineer models and drawings, markup Pro/E files in 3D & 2D, and collaborate on Pro/Engineer documents in real-time over a network. As the market-leading Pro-E viewer, AutoVue views all formats natively, with no conversion required. Below is a list of the Pro/Engineer versions, formats and extensions supported by AutoVue. 

Pro/ENGINEER versions supported: Format extensions: Pro/ENGINEER file types supported:

Pro/Engineer viewers:

Pro/E WildFire 3.0 viewer
Pro/E WildFire 2.0 viewer
Pro/E Wildfire viewer
Pro/E 2001 viewer
Pro/E 2000i 2 viewer
Pro/E 2000i viewer
Pro/E 20 viewer
Pro/E 19 viewer
Pro/E 18 viewer
PTC viewer

DRW viewer
FRM viewer
PRT viewer
ASM viewer

With AutoVue, all participants accross the extended enterprise and throughout the supply chain can access ProE product data and provide feedback at all stages of the design/development process and product lifecycle. Customers, partners, employees, engineers, reviewers, suppliers and manufacturers can access and collaborate on viewed data, improving quality, avoiding costly errors, and reducing time-to-market. All viewing is native and AutoVue has advanced analysis features allowing users to rotate, pan, explode assemblies into component parts, take precise measurements, section models and much more.

To review the complete feature-set of AutoVue Click here

AutoVue products are available as both Desktop and Web Editions. AutoVue Web Edition allows users to view, redline and markup native product/design data over any network or the Internet, directly from within a web browser and perform annotations/markups without requiring an installation on client desktops.

Integrations with major document management, PLM and ERP systems provide workflow control and allow for the checking in and management of markup/redline files. Integrations exist for: Agile, Documentum, MatrixOne, SAP, and SharePoint. AutoVue's open API allows for ease of integration with other host systems as well as simplifying any customization required. For more information about our integrations, click here.

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