Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free Interactive Mechanics,Mechanical,Mathematics Tutorial - Free Download - Learn Engineering Fundamentals

Bang !! So happy to share one more site which teaches basic stuff of engineering. I was very much impressed with this site, Where software tool is freeware. Actually it serves lot for Engineering students, nevertheless even graduates can make of these interactive learning material. This software tool covers stuff like Mathematics,Electrical,Mechanics and Maths, Electronics and So on. There is no end here, it even teaches you basic stuff like How battery works. What is Moment of Inertia, How to construct geometry etc., You will feel like you are sitting in a classroom learning the basic fundamentals of engineering.

Esoft - Screw Jack Explanation

This is absolutely interactive learning anyone of any sort of people can use this tool, not necessary you to have be technical person. More to add there are self-assessment questions and toolbox to make you perfect in your respective subjects. Check this one out Free Software's :

  1. Mathematics
  2. Computing & Information Technology
  3. Electronics, Mech. Maths & Computing
  4. Electrical, Mechanics & Maths
  5. Accounting, Maths & Computing
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  7. Technology, Hobbies and Education Store


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Thanks to Eptsoft.