Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SolidWorks API : SolidWorks Tips & Tricks : SolidWorks Macros Tutorial : Free download

Automating the software tools is so lovely. The main objective of automating is the time saving and to avoid repeated tasks. Programming languages like C,C++,VB and so on are used for customization. These tools are applicable for all software's. What we are going to see now is the Solidworks Customization and Developing Macros. Also you have Tips/Tricks segment to make you more joyful to play with Solidworks.

Macros for Solidworks API using its built-in Visual Basic 6. (Solidworks 2007 or lower.)

Any Doc Type Macros(10)

Assembly Macros(11)

Drawing Macros(14)

Example Code(2)

Other Macros(3)

Part Macros(13)

Settings and Display Preferences

Additional data files, programs, utilities, etc that are useful to Solidworks users

Supplemental SW Files and Programs(19)

Data Content(6)

File Managers(2)

Presentations Material(0)

User Interface(2)


For Downloads and Tips & Tricks:

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