Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steam Engineering Principles - Heat Transfer - Thermal Engineering Concepts : Free Tutorial

Heat Transfer Tutorial Few of my friends are working in Thermal Engineering segment. They always tell so many things about heat transfer,Entropy,superheated steam etc., Basically everyone of us would have studied these topics but its hard to remember all of them. we might able to remember the basic concepts. But Heat Transfer is the hard core segment of Mechanical Engineer one cannot skip off. Then this thought was keep running in my mind I should something where I could refresh myself in Thermal Engineering or Heat Transfer, fortunately I got one site which would deliver everything about Heat Transfer. Don't be surprised It will teach you everything about Heat Transfer .

Thermal Engineering Tutorial I am quite sure you would like to read and go through this tutorial without even missing a single topic. This Heat Transfer and Steam Engineering tutorial will help you in lot of aspects. Work Out Problems are given to make you understand thoroughly.Wish you all the best. Happy Surfing..

Steam Engineering Principles and Heat Transfer