Thursday, April 24, 2008

Finite Element Analysis - Solved Examples - Free Projects Download

FEA is always hot topic for Mechanical Design Engineers or people who are in product development side. Then one has to strengthen his/her knowledge in FEA/CAE segment, though its not a easy job to execute but certainly it can be done with enough determination and concentration. Of course you can get the FEA software for free as a Trail package or buy the software which suits your need, but then as a Design Engineer the person has to know how to use FEA tool or how to execute the programme to get the final result. The fact of the matter, FEA fundamentals and Do's & Don't's are very important. In situation like this, FEA projects which has already done previously will help a lot to get used to the software initially. Here I would like to dedicate you people good lot of FEA examples done Pressure vessels, Boilers ie., Structural analysis, Thermal Analysis, Fatigue analysis you can find here in PDF format.

A few examples of Finite Element Analysis performed by Pressure Equipment Engineering Services, Inc. are as follows in PDF format:

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