Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mold Flow Analysis - Free Download - Moldflow Part Adviser&Moldflow Mold Adviser

Things are getting interesting as the day goby, Friends Engineering topics are really brings lot of potential with you. I have seen tool drafting, modeling, Analysis etc., Here this time for the mold industry, people who work with add on product with modeling software like I mold ( Solidworks add on) and so on. But still this tools help you to develop the mold parts like core/Cavity separation and creating drafts etc., then how do you make sure you inject the mold at the direct point and spread it across the cavity in a desired time. Also one needs to think about temperature of the molten metal, pressure at which it gets injected so on and so forth. Here is the one software that will ease things.

Moldflow Part Adviser&Moldflow Mold Adviser 7.3 | 200MB | ISO

Moldflow Plastics Adviser design-for-manufacture software eliminates the guesswork traditionally required to create the best part and mold designs for plastic injection molding applications. Moldflow Plastics Advisers consists of two products – Part Adviser and Mold Adviser.
Moldflow Part Adviser
The Moldflow Part Advise module is the ideal tool to quickly check the manufacturability of your plastic part design when the cost of change is least — early in the design process. Users can get rapid feedback on how modifications to wall thickness, gate locations, material or geometry can affect the filling pattern and pressure and temperature distributions in the part cavity. The analysis results and detailed design advice can be used to determine the optimum part thickness and gate locations as well as to identify and eliminate cosmetic issues such as weld lines, air traps and sink marks.» Download Moldflow Part Adviser Datasheet.
Moldflow Mold Adviser
The Moldflow Mold Advise module extends the capabilities of the Moldflow Part Adviser to allow you to create and simulate plastic flow through single cavity, multi-cavity and family molds. Users can optimize gate type, size and location as well as runner layout, size and cross-sectional shape. Analysis results include cycle time, clamp tonnage, and shot size, all of which help the design-to-manufacturing team size the injection molding machine, minimize cycle times and reduce manufacturing waste. Optional Moldflow Mold Adviser add-on modules allow users to simulate more phases of the injection molding process and evaluate molded part performance and cooling circuit design.

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