Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MoldMaking Expo 2008 - Emerging Trend In Manufacturing Sector

The Manufacturing Sector is growing at high phase in most of the developing countries like India,China,Germany and Other South East Asian countries driven by demand from US,Africa and other countries globally. What does mean to Mechanical Design Engineer/Mechanical Engineer. Every area of Mechanical Engineering is set to grow as demands starts to increase like Automobile, Custom Goods, Machineries etc., Molding is one of the major technology prevailing in Manufacturing sector. I would like to share some information on this about Mold Exhibition.

MoldMaking Expo (MME) is the only event devoted exclusively to showcasing technologies and strategies used in moldmaking and rapid manufacturing. MoldMaking Expo 2008 Expo and Conference will provide the year's premier venue for:

• Learning about new technologies and applications
• Networking with colleagues, customers and prospects
• Finding product and process solutions

Simply, MoldMaking Expo is focused entirely on one thing - providing the moldmaking industry with the tools needed to move forward and improve in 2008!

MoldMaking Expo 2008
MME is the only event dedicated exclusively to the moldmaking industry. If you compete in the moldmaking industry and want to learn about new products and processes helping shops improve productivity and profitability MME 2008 is a show you can't afford to miss.

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MoldMaking Expo 2008 comprises:
• A two-day technical conference
• 25,000 square feet of exhibits
• Networking opportunities
• Contests
• Awards
• And much more...


Conference Highlights
•Mold design
•Mold construction
•Maintenance & Repair
•Shop operations
•Rapid prototyping/rapid tooling And More...

Technology on Display

•Mold Design and Engineering Equipment
•CAD/CAE/CAM/CIM Systems •Cleaners
•Cooling Equipment
•EDM Equipment
•Heating Equipment
•Hot Runner Systems  And More..

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I would like to present more about Mold Technology in the upcoming articles Wish to see you all there..