Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ansys Knowledge Base - Ansys FAQ's

Hi My lovely Friends, I would like share something on Ansys front. People who are on the FEA will know you will get the desired results only iteration after iteration. Hence making mistakes are always possible especially in assigning the boundary conditions, by just altering the boundary conditions probably leaving out one constraints still FEA software gives you the result but which may not be the desired one. Everyone can do mistakes even the experts who are good in FEA can do silly things which would end up costlier, so buddies be careful in making assumptions before you go for FEA analysis. Under such circumstances, you may have to refer any previous projects done on similar basis would help you a lot. Isn't it. What is Knowledge Base then, Its huge collection FAQ's similar to What SolidWorks provides Knowledge Base Center For SolidWorks users.

Ansys Knowledge Base For Ansys users too, we have such knowledge Base, which is a huge database collection of already proven techniques in FEA/CAE using Ansys. Actually Ansys users if they stuck up with anything in doing analysis they can put forward their obligation/Doubts to the Knowledge Base Center, Ansys Experts Would answer your question, this is how this Knowledge Base center Database has been built. How does it going to help you. All you need to search this Database with keyword what you are looking for, hopefully you doubts will be cleared or you can post your questions to Ansys experts. Goahead Search Ansys Knowledge Base