Friday, April 18, 2008

Pro-e Wildfire Tutorial - All Versions - Free Video Tutorial

No words to describe certain works done by great people. Well not to keep suspense, we will get into the matter straight away, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire tutorials well composed and presented by team called E-cognition Inc. All Video Tutorials cad be saved in your computer but keep in mind you might require higher bandwidth to download faster. Good luck.Hope you all will be very happy with this.. All these links directs to E-cognition. Thanks to E-cognition team.

pro-e wildfire

Attractive and Concise Drawings by Default! - WF3 4/08 - Part 1 / - Part 2  

In this tip we’re looking at making Engineering Drawings more Attractive as well as Accurate without extra work. I’ve broken the tutorial into two parts; Part one focuses on the attractive and part two on the accurate. Learn the little tips that it takes to really improve the look and accuracy of your drawings.

Wildfire 4.0 Interactive Tour Demo Video Clips - WF4 2/08

See the latest improvements in PTC's flagship product, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0
These clips where created for and with PTC marketing by yours truly to support the

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 Interactive Tour and are presented here with expressed permission.
Any unlawful use or duplication is strictly prohibited.

Model Layer Reset Automation - WF3 3/08

This tutorial covers what it takes to establish Layer Rules, populate the layers in an intelligent manner and allow the user to fully reset the Layer scheme to match their environment.

Flexible Components and the Warp Feature - WF3 2/08

Explore the Filterability option at the assembly level. Learn how to control multiple variances of the same part in an assembly See how to use the Warp Feature with "Flexibility".

Field Point-User Defined Analyses - WF3 12/07

Understand how to apply and really make good use of a User Defined Analysis using a Field Point.

Top-Down Design Approach for Mechanism - WF3 11/07

See how to use Mechanism Connections along with a Skeleton in a Top-Down design approach

Top-Down Design Approach for Sheet Metal - WF3 10/07

See how to use sheet-metal features in conjunction with a Top-Down design approach

Variable Section Sweep Demystified - WF3 9/07

Ever wonder what the options for the Variable Section Sweep tool are all about? Wonder no more!

2-Slider-Crank Assembly - WF2 8/06

In twenty minutes you will cover Tips and Tricks for:

  • Extrude Tool - Protrusion and Cut
  • Sketcher - Dimension,Modify,Constraints,Lock Scale
  • Copy Special - What's that for anyway?
  • Chamfer - Single Edge select and Intent Edge Select
  • Assembly - Where two or more parts com together
  • Mechanism - Connections, Joints, Servo Motors, Analysis

Using Surface in Part Modeling - WF2 10/06

Learn a new and exciting way to build stability and flexibility into your models. Use basic surface features in a new way to capture design intent and strengthen your position for the inevitable changes.

Stump Part - Servo Cover - WF2 9/06

This part looks simple enough . . . . Try it! It has stumped some of the most talented ProE operators. This tutorial walks you trough every step with some extras.

BMX Feasibility Study - WF2 8/06

This tutorial shows you how to use the Feasibility Study within the Behavioral Modeling Extension in Wildfire 2.

  • Create a boat hull shape from scratch using a variety of curve and surface functions.
  • Use sketch curves, make-datum's "on the fly", curve through points, and re-discover the "two- projection" curve
  • Quick and easy surface creation using the boundary blend tool, 4 and 3 sided surfs
  • Set-up and execute analysis features in a meaningful way.

Basic Config Defaults - WF2 8/06

Change the background color or desk top and make it stay that way. Download Here

Changing the model tree defaults and how to make it stay that way. Download Here

Courtesy : E-cognition