Thursday, May 15, 2008

How To Master FEA Basics And Engineering Simulation - Free FEA Notes

I would like to put common one question to all of you. How did you start learning FEA/CAE software's and the basics of Analysis techniques. I don't think you would have mastered over night. It requires long lasting energy and vision towards learning FEA concepts right. Also the next question comes in your mind is this.

How long does it take to become proficient with FEA software?

In spite of what the sales and marketing people say, for any FEA company, it takes a while to become proficient with FEA software - months to years is typical. And months is very optimistic. With effective training it takes less time, without training it takes much longer. Utilizing FEA software correctly relies heavily on engineering judgment and experience. Practitioners should have a significant amount of academic training and professional experience in: mechanical design, statics, dynamics, materials, and stress analysis or other related analytical techniques. The concept of "push button" analysis where a designer, who is totally inexperienced at stress analysis, can just automatically mesh his solid model, run a FEA, and interpret the results correctly is ludicrous. When you get that model meshing and running successfully for the first time, you aren't done, you're just getting started.

Here I am going to share you the site which will teach the Basic Fundamentals of FEA, How does mathematics help FEA, To be precise you will learn lot about Matrix operations,Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors,Gaussian Elimination, Cholesky decomposition And More stuff which would enhance your FEA basics and Fundamentals of FEA Calculations.

This site is IlearnCAE. is an online learning site for computer aided engineering (CAE). Students can learn engineering simulation techniques such as, finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) at their own pace and convenience. The courses are tailored to benefit practicing engineers as well as engineering students.

Anyone can use information available in this site, it doesn't require any invitation or reference or any payment. You can login as guest, or you can complete your registration with few steps. This site is under development, with notes about FEA and CAD software's. As number of users increase, hope this site builds huge database of FEA notes and Manuals.

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