Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Theory Concept OF FEA - Element Types And Meshing - FEA FAQ's

Hi Everybody, let me give some more input in the FEA software side. As every knows Learning FEA software may be easy within considerable span of time. But you may not be sure what you have done with software unless you are not good at FEA Fundamentals right. So how are you going to improve your knowledge in FEA basics, some of the other stuff like Element Types, Different Meshing Approaches, How to interpret the FEA results so on and so forth.If your are beginner, this might be the good start to know this..

FEA involves building an accurate 2D or 3D geometry model of the component to be analyzed. The model is broken up into discrete elements with nodes at their corners. Material properties are assigned for all materials used in the part. Boundary conditions are used to model physical connections to the part by setting the appropriate degrees of freedom (DOF) for all boundary nodes. Each node has up to six DOF comprised of three for translation, and three for rotation. Boundary conditions can also be used to model: dynamic, thermal, fluidic, and electrostatic connections. This part of the modeling process is done with a CAD like preprocessor to the FEA software, or geometry data can be imported from your existing CAD or solid modeling software which may be an easier way for people to work.

Once the geometry, materials, and boundary conditions are set, the next step is for the engineer to decide on the element type(s) and analysis type and then run the FEA solver to solve thousands to millions of simultaneous differential equations to obtain a physical displacement at each node. This strain data is then used to compute stress data at each node. A graphical postprocessor is used to digest all of this data and display it superimposed over the geometry model of the part with color coded stress (or other parameters) contour lines. Models can also be sliced to display stress contours inside the part.

But for the people who are already there in FEA industry and done some Basic FEA Analysis, they have to know about CAE concepts much more deeper now. And this site might be good one for Middle level FEA user. This site helps you to know various FEA software's like Algor,Nastran,FEA map etc., You will come to know various information about FEA/Other CAE software when you get into this site..

Here we go here to go to the site..