Sunday, June 22, 2008

How To Select Material For Engineering Design And Different Applications

Product Design is not one step process. Its not an amateur this new guy who is just out of college can Design a Product with full functionality. It requires lot of experience and most import thing you need to work as team. Basically the team member has to be from all Department Engineering Design R&D, Machine Shop, Purchase,Marketing and So on.. I know this is lengthy topic. But Today Lets focus on something which primary thing for Product Development/Engineering Design. The Topic is Material Selection and Process for Engineering Design.PD

  Its really interesting Topic and Design Engineers must know about it. Unless you have an idea Engineering Materials, there is no point in Designing a Product the fact the Product may lose its reliability, functionality anything for that matter. So lets gain over some knowledge on this. I found a informative site which would enable you to learn about different Engineering materials that are used in Product Design. Different Engineering Materials are used in Specific applications like Molding,Machining,Forging etc., Here you can find a Materials with their mechanical properties,chemical compositions,general uses and industrial applications etc., Really it brings good awareness's of Engineering Material Selection. So just make a visit now..


  • Detailed information for over 40 materials found in commonly used products.
  • Interactive material selection charts which show material properties in a visually intuitive manner.
  • Detailed information for 10 material properties with typical values and measurement details.
  • A process encyclopedia containing details on how many different manufacturing processes work.
  • An introduction to selecting a manufacturing process.
  • A tutorial which includes an introduction to product analysis.
  • Seven short case studies in product analysis.
  • One long case study in product analysis - the 13A plug. And Many More