Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Basics Of Machine Shop-Machine Shop Secrets

Hi Guys Lets keep working together, all I know is we need to keep learning new things about Design Engineering so that it help our Machine Design skills to a greater extent. Do you know something, to design machine we don’t only require Modeling software, Analysis software, Computer and other stuff so on. The foremost important thing is we should have a good knowledge about Machining process.


Unless you know how people are making parts in the machine shop I bet as a Design Engineer you will never ever Build Machine or well verse in Machine Design. Its simple, I met many Design Engineers and Design Architects who started their career in the machine shop slowly they their way into Design Engineer they are pretty much successful than any other Design Engineer. Because they how machines are made, they know which is the shortest way of machining parts, which are the cost effective methods, they know about Machine reliability, they know about Materials and everything which are necessary for the Design Engineer to know about. Now do you understand what we people make mistake simply by dreaming I want to be an Design Engineer.

Okay its not late now, I will show you website where you can learn about the Machine Shop Basics, Machining Process and so on. Certainly it will help you to improve your basic knowledge of Machine Shop. Visit this site now.. Also soon I will publish about Tips on Engineering Design/How to design a product/Machine Design Basics. So keep watching it..

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