Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fundamentals Of Mechanics Of Materials & Strength Of Materials

Everyone knows What Mechanics of Material is.. How crucial it is When you design a product. It is very important to know the material reliability and it functions over different applications.

Mechanics of Materials is a forum for original scientific research on the flow, fracture, and general constitutive behavior of geophysical, geotechnical and technological materials, with balanced coverage of advanced technological and natural materials, with balanced coverage of theoretical, experimental, and field investigations. Of special concern are macroscopic predictions based on microscopic models, identification of microscopic structures from limited overall macroscopic data, experimental and field results that lead to fundamental understanding of the behavior of materials, and coordinated experimental and analytical investigations that culminate in theories with predictive quality.
Original contributions are published on the thermomechanical behavior of technological materials such as metals, polymers, ceramics, various advanced composites, wood, etc., geotechnical materials such as rock and soil, and on thermomechanical processes pertaining to solid earth geophysics.

Let me share some site where you can find good lot of stuff about these technical terms. Will be very useful in Design Engineering and Product Development.


This course provides a basic introduction to the following basic concepts:

  • Stress: a means for quantifying internal force intensity
  • Strain: a means for quantifying intensity of deformation
  • Constitutive Behavior: relating stress and strain in terms of material behavior

Lets consider the following basic applications of these concepts:

  • Axial loading (implicit in our basic consideration of stress and strain)
  • Pressure vessels (useful but simple application that leads to interesting states of stress)
  • Torsion: stress and deformations caused by twisting of shafts
  • Bending: stress and deformations caused by bending
  • Fundamentals of indeterminate analysis: an introduction to the analysis of systems that are statically indeterminate

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