Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Library of Pro/Engineer Tips - A new Pro/E Tip or Trick each month!

Guys Looking for Pro-e Tips. Its always good to know about TIPS AND TRICKS of any software.. Well our focus today will be on Pro-e TIPS AND TRICKS. If your are pro-e user you will be using latest version of Pro-e Wildfire, but I would like to share site which gives you Tips And Tricks on Pro-e 2001 And other latest Versions. The source provider is Synthx, they will issue the Tips And Tricks every month. Each tips will be useful to Pro-e User. I am glad to present some of their tips here..

April 2006
Looking for the Concepts of Top-Down Design.

March 2006
Open Drawing Models quickly right from Drawing Mode.

February 2006
Custom BOM Balloons with text and/or parameters displayed.

January 2006
Controlling the behaviors of Sketcher with Sketcher Preferences

And More Tips And Tricks of Pro-e 2001

Courtesy : Synthx