Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mechanical Engineering Design Tips And Resources

I always say to my colleagues and the people whom is work with that Mechanical Design is an Art, each product you design essentially your giving birth to it. So always be careful what you are doing when you designing a component. Each and every step you take to bring the shape to the product is important. For example, people might do silly in selecting a screws. Star screws may not be useful at certain places, you need to think of some other alternative screws which would full fill functionalities  and other necessary requirements. These things cannot be taught at college, all these crucial stuff can be learnt only by experience. This topic would help many Mechanical Design Engineers in design their product in CAD software's. This gives better picture Mechanical Design Knowledge base. This site would let you know about many stuff like

Motor Tips
Robot Parts
Electronics Tips
Mechanical Tips
Robot Materials
Robot Battles
Robot Books

Lets see a few example of those:

Mechanical Facts and FAQs:

  • Can I bolt my motors directly to my wheels?

No. You will need to have some sort of speed reduction unless you have a very small wheel attached to a very slow motor. A typical wheel/motor combination for a heavyweight might be 8" wheels with a 5000 rpm motor. If there was no speed reduction this would produce a speed of 175 feet per second, or 119 miles per hour. Most of the robots in BattleBots run in the range of about 5 to 15 miles per hour. A few robots can do 20 MPH or more.


  • I've got a 20,000 RPM motor. Can I use worm gear reduction?

Worm gear speed reducers are inefficient, and have way too much friction to be used at 20,000 RPM (at least for the first stage). That speed is also too high for chain reduction. Your only options are gears or belts. Timing belts are probably your best bet.


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