Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mechanical Engineering TV - Video Collections On Mechanical Design, Extreme Machines And More

Mechanical Engineering TV And VideosIts been hard time for everyone of us either your employee and employer, squeezing under global financial crisis. But technology evolvement doesn't stop because of this. Engineers from all sectors will try to bring new technologies into market but companies might hard to raise capital to implement it. This is quite usual in the market.

Being Mechanical Engineer does any one of us thought there would be dedicated TV which shows all technology and innovations made in Mechanical Engineering. I was thrown out of action for a moment when I saw such site. Absolutely its well constructed contains many videos about Mechanical Design, Extreme Machines,Mechatronics, Mechanisms and Mechanical Devices, CAD/CAM etc.

I would like show my gratitude to the owners of this site for such a great effort. Its up to the users how much do they contribute to Mechanical Engineering TV to add more Video collections on Mechanical Engineering Design And Machines. Signing in is very simple process and it allows member to form a group. I believe this is a good start toward each Mechanical Engineer Success.

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