Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Education For All :Online - Automotive, Aviation, Classical Mechanics Virtual Classes

We must appreciate people who does good thing, serve others. It could be anything which helps others to grow, especially if you help someone for their education it would be really self satisfaction for one's character.  There are numerous sites in the web which offers free tutorials and manuals for the students who needs reference to learn their subject. By keeping this thing in mind I started blogging for CAD/CAE/CAM engineers who are looking for software tutorials and manuals. Each year there will be new release of version, lot of updates some be amateur looking for something in depth help files or manual to master their software.

Today lets see about site which offer free education for students. Don't think that its related to our mechanical engineering or so. Certainly this is the basic stuff which is base for any engineering course like

Theory and practice, from fan belt to exhaust pipe.
Critical first courses for aviation technicians and mechanics. The main page also provides information about aviation careers and opens a portal to Second Life® when aviation enthusiasts can design, build, or simply buy-and-fly aircraft.
Building construction, plumbing, electrical, masonry...
Management, entrepreneurship, sales, economics...
Computer programming, databases, office applications...

It's all here, from basic arithmetic through calculus and differential equations.
Astronomy, physics, earth sciences...

My favorite video tutorial is Classical mechanics.. All video tutorials which are conducted in MIT university. Thanks to

The mission of Free-Ed.Net is to provide quality distance education at no cost to the user. Free education is a dream whose time has come. Never in history has so much information and so many learning resources been so widely available at such a low cost.The primary purpose of education is to teach people how to think and learn. Ideally, there should be no other political, social, religious, or economic agenda.  There are bound to be certain biases in any enterprise of this sort, but that does not imply an overt attempt to influence others in a particular way.  Free-Ed.Net, for example, is the product of American culture, so the site is primarily written in English and the content has a distinctive Western flavor.   This does not mean, however, that Free-Ed.Net is attempting to promote the "American way" to the rest of the world. Our single agenda is the promotion of education, learning, and the pursuit of knowledge--free of charge and accessible to all.