Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How To Get Your Dream Job - Prepare Yourself For The Interview

Many a times we concentrate on ramping our technical skills so that we add more value to ourselves in attaining a better job in the future. Yes this is the case with you and me. When you see people who have succeeded in getting their dream job is not solely because of their technical talents, their presentation and personality skills plays a vital role during interview session.

Here we are... So How should one prepare themselves for the job interview. What kind of scenario they will be in during interview. What kind of questions does the interviewer will ask you?  As everyone knows first impression is always the best impression, this is the universal too which applies even when you propose someone or even looking for a new job.

Being myself employee and also job seeker, I was preparing myself How to answer typical questions in a interview panel. How am I supposed to answer, What kind of answer would fetch me job. One should not think that our focus is to get the job so one can even lie, Its not that. All we are going focus now is how to present ourselves before the interview panel make a good impression.

There are many sites in Internet which would help you to find regular interview question and answers. Of them all, cvtips.com was the most impressive one. It help you to understand what interview is all about, it reduces your anxiety and gives you more confidence on preparing yourself for the interview. Lets see some of the typical interview questions and answers for it:

Interview Questions

Tell me More about you

Why work here?

Fired -Why?

Your Strengths - Weakness

Frequent Questions


Your future

Salary Talk or negotiations

Career Goals

Work Ethics


Management Interview

Switch Jobs

Also check about Before Interview preparation, During Interview and How to close the interview. I Wish you all the success for attaining your career growth job.

Courtesy: cvtips.com